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NOTE: Okay, there's a catch. Dr. Dahl started out in medical school at Cornell University Medical College with the intention of becoming a plastic surgeon to help children. He was enticed to become a pathologist after graduation, but he continues to support his original dream. If you download the ebook or Interactive Worksheets, won't you consider making a donation to a great cause, Operation Smile? You can learn more by visiting

Operation Smile

Since the first American edition in 2004, Optimize Your Life!:

• There have been editions in China, India, Japan, and Korea, plus worldwide editions from Saudi Arabia and Spain

• Dr. Dahl has presented keynote addresses based on this book in five countries.

• Trionics offers free downloadable OYL! worksheets.

• The book is in ebook and print formats on Amazon.

Attention libraries, book reviewers, and journalists: Upon written request to, we can provide print copies and ebooks of both Optimize Your Life! and What Better Place to Die.

Optimize Your Life!

Mark Victor Hansen (left) with Dr. Bernie Dahl

Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D., physician, entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and mountaineer, has successfully applied the power of the synergistic merging of personal and organizational strategic planning, during 25-years "in the trenches" of medical group practice and a range of business ventures.

Through his techniques and principles as presented in his books, workshops, and newsletters, based on his book series,

Optimize Your Life!

Dr. Dahl can assist you as you...

Take charge of your life... or someone else will!

Above is Dr. Dahl with Mark Victor Hansen of
Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. Check out Mark's
quote about the book below.



"Everyone needs to be strategic. My friend, Dr. Bernie,
makes it easy to understand and do—instantly!"
-Mark Victor Hansen, co-author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul 

"This exciting book is a hands-on, principle-centered approach to success. Complete
the worksheets, pay the price, and you will make 
a significant
difference in your life and in the world."
-Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

"Everyone is born with a range of abilities unique to him or her. It's fair to say that these
abilities are essentially your core strengths. Dr. Bernie has written a wonderful guide on how to
get the most out of your life by tapping into vast reservoirs of talent. Armed with this
knowledge, you will be able to avoid stress and achieve satisfaction throughout all areas of life!"
-Gary Ryan Blair, The GoalsGuy

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What Better Place to Die

Join Dr. Bernie Dahl as he shares his story and the lessons he learned inhis Mt. Washington misadventure.

"Mt. Washington, New Hampshire: It was truly a "dark and stormy night," perhaps the darkest and stormiest of my life, for I came within five minutes of death... my death... because my rescuers were about to give up!

During the long night, as I lay waiting for rescue in "whiteout" conditions, with wind gusts to 98 miles per hour, and then waiting for Death, I had abundant time to think about living... to think about dying."

It has been said since ancient times...
that to know how to live...
one must first learn how to die.

Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D., author, speaker, consultant, humorist, and veteran mountaineer shares his life-threatening experience in a postive, motivational, and inspirational message focusing on three admonitions:

  1. Be Prepared to Die!
  2. Have a Plan to Live!
  3. Do it Now!


  • Order a paperback copy on Amazon 

  • Order the ebook version on Amazon 

Bernhoff A. Dahl, M.D.
Dr. Dahl is available:
  • a keynote speaker
  • ...a workshop leader
  • ...for media interviews

Contact for details.


Below are some sample keynote and workshop titles.
Optimize Your Life!
Based on his International Best-selling book series which focuses on personal strategic planning.
Suddenly You Are the Leader... Now What?
Based on his 25 years of "in-the-trenches" experience, frustration, and success in a wide range of business ventures and consultation in medical practice and well beyond.
Lessons for Living from a Mt. Washington Misadventure
Based on his latest book, What Better Place to Die, wherein he shares insights gained from his near-death experience.

"Dr. Dahl is the motivational speaker that your mother warned you about"
-Ralph Waldo Ferguson, 
Philosopher and Cinematographer

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